Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Swimsuit Deal

We’re going to the beach in less than a month, so I recently went through my swimsuit drawer and tried on several of my old suits.  I was pleased to see that none of them fit.  I’ve altered several of my regular clothes to avoid buying a lot of new clothes, but I don’t want to attempt to alter a swimsuit.

I got online and started looking around.  Most people have already bought their summer suits, so stocks are pretty low and it seemed like everything I liked wasn’t available.  I visited Newport News and looked through their “Under $10 Clearance” section. 

I found this cute skirted tankini bottom for only $4.99.


I don’t know who invented the tankini, but they are brilliant.  Unless you shop in the Junior department, you can get the coverage of a one-piece (actually many are MORE modest than a one-piece) with the convenience of a bikini. 

Because availability was so low, I couldn’t find a matching tankini top to go with it, but I figured I’d go ahead and buy it since it was so cheap.  Right before I checked out, I remembered about Cashbaq, and I was pleased to discover I would receive an additional 3% cash back on my purchase.  Then I did a Google search on “newport news online coupon codes” and found both a promotional code for 25% off any item as well as a free shipping code.  Since I used my Paypal account to pay, I also earned a small 1% cash back bonus. 

With all the coupon codes and bonuses, my final cost for having this cute item delivered to my door was $3.59.

Of course that still left the problem of finding a top to match.  If money were not an issue, I would buy this Land’s End tankini top

tankini top image

It costs $48.50, and it even comes in a “long torso” to cover the muffin top that Jillian and I are working on.  I’ve always loved Land’s End…their clothes are made with very high quality materials and they resist fading, shrinking, and falling apart in the wash.

That price is out of my budget, so I went to EBay.  I found it brand new for only $14.99 in just the right size!  Woo hoo!


Kim H. said...

Congratulations! Those are some major bargain shopping SCORES!

Anonymous said...

you will LOVE that lands end top...i broke down and bought a LE suit last year and it's great!

great bargain shopping, btw!

Mimi said...

Great job! I've always considered careful, purposeful (as opposed to impulse)shopping an art. I'm so proud of you and my 2 daughters-in-law, for each of you are masters class shoppers!