Thursday, May 7, 2009

30-Day Shred – Day Two

I got up extra early today to get in my workout before my busy day.  Note to self:  Jillian’s face is not the first face I enjoy seeing in the morning.  Thankfully, I didn’t wake up Grace with my grunting and groaning, so I was able to finish in peace.

Level One wasn’t quite as hard as yesterday, although that last ab series still KILLED.  And admittedly, I followed green-sports-bra-lady, the “beginner.”  Pu-leeeease!  At first Jillian says, “She’s a beginner, so she’s doing modified moves.”  Then she points out her amazing abs and says, “You don’t get abs like this by doing nothing.”  Which is it?

But advanced-Barbie was beckoning me with deeper lunges, so perhaps tomorrow I will try to feel the burn even more.  Procrastination.  It’s what I do best.


Anonymous said...

love these updates! i'm thinking i might try this later in the summer, after i run the 5k, so i don't ruin my chances at being able to finish that.

that is if you live through 30 days of jillian ;)

Kim H. said...

I say stay where it's burning but you're not broken... :-)