Friday, May 15, 2009


I always seem to meet the strangest people when I am out and about at various stores.  Today was no exception.  Grace and I were at Albertsons grocery store picking up a couple of things and I stopped to look at a clearance rack full of children’s books. 

Another customer that I would judge to be in her 40’s walked up to Grace, bent down, and said, “Oh, what a precious little boy!  Is he your only son?”

*It should be noted that Grace was wearing a pink shirt, khaki shorts with pink flowers, pink sandals, and a long ponytail with a BIG bow in her hair.

Noticing Grace’s confusion, I said, “Thank you.  Yes, she is my only daughter.  She’s a girl.”

The woman looked again carefully at Grace, shrugged her shoulders, and said “Huh!…”  [Tone of voice indicated that she didn’t believe me].

We continued to look around at the different books and the woman stayed uncomfortably close by.  Then she pulled a Spiderman book off the shelf and gave it to me.  “Do you think she would like this?”

“Um, no.  She’s not really into Spiderman.”

I went back to perusing while the woman took another book off the shelf and tried to hand it to me.  “Does she like fire trucks?”

“Um, I think I’m just going to buy what I have here.”  [I was holding a book about animals].

Woman says, “Huh!…”

At this point I decided just to go check out, so we headed to get in line.  As we were walking away, Grace started laughing and said, “Mama, that lady thought I was a BOY!  That’s so silly!  Boys don’t have ponytails!”

I love the logic of a 4-year-old.


Kim H. said...

Maybe the lady was legally blind? Color blind? Who knows... weird. I mean let it go - don't hang around and keep making a big deal of it... I guess she didn't have any shame either.

Parsley said...
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Parsley said...

Oops..I started to comment and messed up. Sorry.

Anyway...what makes people act like that? STRANGE!

You should have joked to her that she should stay at least two isles back because you had the swine flu...haha. Maybe then she'd leave you alone.

Mimi said...

Maybe it was a Candid Camera gag! Because there is no SANE reason she would say that and again and again!!