Tuesday, May 19, 2009

30-Day Shred – Day 13-14

I forgot to write a post yesterday about my workout.  Nothing exciting…I did Level 2 during naptime.  I didn’t have time for the treadmill yesterday, and I actually missed it.

Today I was looking forward to getting on the treadmill because I haven’t watched the finale of Survivor.  (Todd built a little shelf and put a small TV up high to help the time pass quickly).  I know my time would probably be better spent reading a good book, but it makes me sick and dizzy…so I save my favorite shows on DVR and tell myself I can’t watch them unless I’m getting cardio at the same time.  Hey, it works.

Anyway, the finale ended up being 3 hours long.  It was so fascinating that I didn’t even look at the time on the treadmill until during a commercial break I noticed that I had gone for 73 minutes on a Level 6 incline.  Grace played in her room with her kitchen toys and downstairs on the piano the whole time without fussing…she was so sweet.  I went a few more minutes until I got to a good stopping place in Survivor.  (Oh, I hope my Alabama boy J.T. wins!  Listening to him talk makes me feel like I’m at a family reunion.  Or back in B’ham during the college years.). 

Anyway, I ended up going for 85 minutes on the treadmill.  Then I headed downstairs to do Level 2 with Jillian and Grace.  I’ll admit that I skipped a couple of the cardio intervals.  I figured I had earned it on the treadmill. 

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Kim H. said...

WOW - 85 minutes?! You are Rocking it! I'm so proud of you!