Saturday, May 16, 2009

30-Day Shred – Day Eleven

Today I did 50 minutes on the treadmill, then Level 2 with Jillian.  My endurance is definitely improving…I could really notice it today.

Today also reaffirmed for me how uncoordinated I am.  The athletic gene surely skipped me and went straight to my brothers!  This is why I don’t do aerobics classes in public if I can help it.  The exception would be the water aerobics class I used to take at the YMCA.  However, I was the only person under 70, so I was pretty much a star! 


Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

I need to do something! I have lost 17 lbs since I started IVF. I finally decided it was time since the fertility drugs were not helping. But, now I am stuck in a rut and can't seem to lose anymore. I have been at the same weight for like 2 weeks. I do really great on my is just the exercise. I want to, but I just don't do anything. You go girl!

Kim H. said...

Hysterical - I love the comment about being the star in water aerobics... that would TOTALLY be my motivation... I'd need to feel like I was doing well.