Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Because We Always Have Deep Conversations After Reading “Cinderella.”

Grace:  “Mommy, I want to marry you tomorrow.”

Me:      “That’s sweet.  But I’m already married to daddy!”

Grace:   “Well, actually, I still want to marry you tomorrow.”

Me:       “Grace, the Bible teaches that a man and a woman get    married and start a family.  One day, hopefully you will meet a sweet man who loves God and will love you and want to get married, too.”

Grace:   “Is a man a boy?”

Me:       “Yes, a man is a boy who is all grown up.”

Grace:   “Well, I want to marry Caleb.  He’s a boy.”  [her friend that I babysit]

Me:       “You must grow up before you can get married.”

Grace:   “Can I be ‘growed’ up tomorrow?”

Me:        “No.  It takes many years to grow up and be ready to get married.”

Grace:   “But you’re ‘growed’ up.”

Me:       “Yes.  I’m grown up.”

Grace:    “That took a loooooooong time.”

Me:       [laughing]  “Yes, I’m pretty old.”

Grace:   [nodding seriously]  “Well, actually, you’re REALLY old!”



Kim H. said...

Ouch... that hurts. :-) Cute story!

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Thanks so much for sending me that email. This infertility is the hardest journey of my life, but I know I will be a much better person because of it...somehow!