Thursday, May 28, 2009

30-Day Shred – Day 23

Level 3 is killing me.  I couldn’t sleep last night from the soreness and I’m literally hobbling around today on jelly legs. 

I was dreading my morning workout, so I kept putting it off, but I finally got on the treadmill during Grace’s naptime.  I did 45 minutes then headed downstairs for my quality time with Jillian.  Level 3 was torturous (is that a word?), and after the warm-down, I couldn’t get off the floor. 

Anyway, all that to say, physical fitness is a journey and I’m still far from my destination.  I’m shelving Level 3 for a while, and I’m satisfied with switching between Level 1 and 2 until my body tells me I’m ready to try it again. 

P.S. Why do aerobics instructors feel the need to SMILE during torturous (it IS a word…I googled it) moves?  Is that normal human behavior?  Are they fooling anyone?  Does anyone out there who bought the video feel more motivated because these Barbie dolls are so overjoyed to be doing jump lunges?  Personally, I would be more encouraged if they were grunting, sweating, breathing heavily, and having a bad hair moment.  But that’s just me. 


Anonymous said...

I do not enjoy smiley workout girls. Annoying.

I'm off to do an old workout video since I couldn't get a run in today...this is embarrassing, but it's this old Claudia Schiffer set that I LOVE (Claudia's annoying and dense, but Kathy Kahler is the trainer and she's great). Now, the decision: abs, arms, or legs?

Kim H. said...

I hear you on the smiley happy girls on the videos... it just ticks me off. :-)