Friday, May 8, 2009

30-Day Shred – Day Three

I’ll be honest…today was hard.  I only slept a couple of hours last night because I was so sore.  My muscles were aching horribly.  I took some ibuprofen, soaked in the bathtub, and did some stretches to get some relief.  I tried again to go to sleep, but gave up and watched infomercials.  Then I had a nice, long quiet time and caught up on my read-the-bible-in-a-year plan.

We’re having some special guests visit us right now, and I didn’t want to subject them to the horror of watching me do Jillian’s moves, so I waited to work out until later this morning after they left for the day.  Like every good mom, I parked my daughter in front of the Disney channel and pulled out the exercise mat. 

The first cardio series was killer, but I found my muscles slowly getting into the groove.  By the end of the second series, I was actually enjoying myself and it felt pretty good.  That last ab routine still made me want to vomit, but boy did it feel nice to stretch out after I was finished.

And that brings me to my new goal:  I want to make it through that last bicycle-in-the-air-while-doing-crunches move WITHOUT STOPPING.  It’s only one minute, but it’s the most physically painful minute I have ever endured.  Unless you count pitocin-induced contractions without an epidural.  :)

OK, I’m going to go rescue my daughter from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and let her help me bake a pie for our guests this evening.  Don’t worry, I won’t cheat!  I’m telling you that once I have put my body through this torture, I’m not ruining it by the fleeting pleasures of coconut…cream…pie……*sigh*


Audra said...

Love the nod to Disney! V wanted to do it with me last night so I let him "get in the way". I've already decided that he'll be watching a show tonight while I get my 20 minutes in!

Kim H. said...

Wow - that makes me think twice about doing the shred... :-)

Coconut cream pie?? And you're not having any... what are you an oak? Geez... that's some will power!