Friday, October 31, 2008

Tonight's Plans

Grace and I were supposed to go to our church carnival this evening while Todd supervised a high school football game. However, she's been acting fussy all day and she didn't want to go to the playground (!) this afternoon. She also slept for a long time during her naptime. When she woke up, I heard her moaning in her bed. Her forehead was very warm, and a 102.3 degree fever was shortly confirmed. Oh, well.

Unfortunately, I had to get her dressed and drag her to the pharmacy to get more Motrin (I should always keep this stocked!). So, we're having a quiet evening at home. I did pick up a couple of bags of candy at the pharmacy in case we had some trick-or-treaters. So far Grace has enjoyed seeing a few kids stop by. I decided to let Grace eat whatever candy she wanted since we had to cancel going to the carnival, but she really hasn't wanted that much. I'm sure it will be a different story when she starts feeling better!

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