Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun on the Farm

Grace had a blast today at my friend's country home. They have a beautiful farm house on about 10 acres. She had fun playing on the bales of hay, petting the cats and dogs, and running in the grass. We even caught grasshoppers and fed them to the chickens. There were some other children there for Grace to play with, so after some initial hesitation, she became comfortable and ran around exploring with the other kids. That gave me time to fellowship with my old friend and a new friend. We compared birth stories, parenting stories, relived old memories, and enjoyed watching our kids play together.

What a blessing it is for women to fellowship with one another. One of the benefits of being a homemaker is having the time to go to a friend's house and just enjoy visiting. An added bonus was being sent home with some yummy homemade blueberry preserves and hot cocoa mix!

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