Sunday, November 2, 2008


Grace is doing better. She still has a lowgrade fever, so I kept her home from church today. Hopefully it's just a bug that will pass soon. It seems like when she gets sick it's always on the weekend! I've heard other mothers say this as well. I wonder why?

Halloween night was interesting. I was surprised to find that over half of the trick-or-treaters that came to my door were middle school/high school age. At one point, I opened the door to a group of about eight boys that HAD to be basketball players...they were all WAY taller than me and they were wearing scary horror-film-type costumes. Call me paranoid, but it made me uncomfortable. Grace turned around and ran back into the den. I decided then and there that I would not give out any more candy that night. So, I generously distributed the rest of my candy into their pillowcases (seriously!) and wished them a good night. I turned off all the lights both outside and inside the house, then snuggled down on the couch with Grace to watch a movie. We listened to people ring the doorbell and bang on the front door until 10:00. Do people not know that NO LIGHTS = NO CANDY?

Is it just my neighborhood or did those of you who distributed candy find a bunch of older kids, too?


Mimi said...

I bet no one can beat this record: We have lived here for 15 years and we have only ever had kids come to the door 1, yes, 1 time! And then the mom drove them here!

Mrs. Sprinkles said...

We were out of town for Halloween. I was worried that someone would smash the six pumpkins we have on the porch, but nothing happened. I lined them up in a row across one of the steps, as kind of a barrier to let people know we weren't home. I wonder if something like that would help.

But where we live it's not uncommon for kids not to celebrate Halloween--before talking with our kids, adults are always careful to ask us first if we celebrate Halloween (we don't).

Does everyone celebrate in TX or is there a contingent of non-celebrators?

Larry said...

Yes, we have high school students that come and, lately, even adults. it is really creepy. We did not do Halloween this year. The Little Woman worked and I went to Starbucks, leaving the lights all off.