Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is That Gas I Smell?

Someone (I'm not sure who....but I have my suspicions) spilled gasoline on our garage floor. The smell has completely permeated our entire house. We've opened windows and doors to let it air out and evaporate....the smell is still intense. It's like it's coming through our air vents! I just knew someone was going to say something at church today about the way we smelled. Thankfully, no one did.

I'm just praying that the smell is gone before the Open House this weekend. I mean, who would want to buy a house that smells like the Diamond Shamrock?

And, understandably, I'm scared to light a scented candle.


Joe and Martha Robinson said...

Get some cheap coffee! I leased an apartment one year and the previous owner smoked; I lost my voice after sleeping there one night. Someone suggested putting plates of fresh coffee grounds in each room it apparently absorbs odors. It worked! And I don't think it will cause any instantaneous combustion. And I looove the smell of coffee! It might have taken as long as a week. I also have fond memories of you father's pipe when he would smoke in the garage! Ummm! It smelled so good! Funny what I remember.

Joanna J. said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Martha! I'll definitely try coffee grounds. Thankfully, the gasoline odor is much better this morning. I guess it's just a matter of time for it to evaporate. I agree with you about is funny what our minds hold on to!