Saturday, October 4, 2008

Todd's First Week at Work

Todd has had an exciting first week of work. He's busted two kids with marajuana possession, caught a 13 and 14-yr-old couple having sex on the school bus, and responded to various reports of gang activity. He's gotten to know the police officer that is stationed on his campus pretty well, and learned all about the various juvenile laws and regulations related to the above-described crimes.

His favorite thing about this job is that every day is new and exciting. There's no routine and absolutely no time to be bored. It fits his personality to a tee! The saddest thing about his job is witnessing the immorality and criminal behavior that is so rampant in our adolescent society. And this is a GOOD district.

My friends, our school personnel are on the front lines of the battlefield. While there are potentially great rewards in the field of education, it is not an easy journey. Teachers are constantly disrespected by both students and parents, given unrealistic expectations to meet every child's need in the over-crowded classroom, and burdened with the emotional needs/issues of their students. And, all of this for miniscule pay.

I'm not sure what the answer is....other than a great revival in our land. I do know that Todd and I are ever-mindful of how we want to handle Grace's education in the future. We haven't made any final decisions yet, but the thought of putting her in a public classroom doesn't make us feel too confident. We don't want to bring her up in a "bubble", sheltering her from every possible exposure to sin. But, on the other hand, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to provide her a safe and nurturing environment. We've still got a couple of years to figure out what to do before she starts kindergarten. Until then, I'll enjoy teaching her at home and getting her ready for whatever the future holds.

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