Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What I Learned Today

I learned the following random facts while caring for SEVEN (that's right....one more was added) preschoolers today by myself:

1. A ratio of seven-to-one is bad.
2. Daycare workers are underpaid.
3. I need to get over being embarrassaed at the condition of my house when parents come pick up their kids after a 7-hour tornado.
4. Cinderella lives in New Mexico and rides the subway to come visit us in D/FW.
5. Pooping is contagious. When one kid poops, everybody wants to poop.
6. Batman wants to marry Cinderella, but Superman will not give permission because Cinderella is his girlfriend.
7. It is perfectly OK to turn on a Disney movie when things start to get out of control with this many kids.
8. Some kids just don't understand the meaning of the word "no." (Or, they aren't MADE to understand)
9. Only one kid ended up with his underwear on the OUTSIDE of his pants.
10. You really must count out individual Goldfish when giving snacks to preschoolers.
11. I'm thankful the realtor didn't call today to request a house showing.
12. Preschoolers don't get sarcastic comments.
13. Little boys don't always aim well. (ahem)
14. I needed to steam clean the fabric on my dining room chairs anyway.
15. Even I get tired of singing.
16. Boys like transformers, and girls like costume jewelry.
17. Mr. Potato Head is gender-neutral.
18. At this age, cliques have already started to form.
19. Clean faces are overrated.
20. I deserve to be taken out for dinner tonight!


jennifer said...


Yes, you are right- 250 junior high kids (even in Six Flags) are easier than 7 (or 2 or any) preschoolers!!

Mimi said...

I'm so proud of you! And so sorry about the dining room chair!