Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Reason I Want To Move

For the past five years, we have been listening to incessant howling from our neighbor's dog. Over the years, we have yelled (at the dog), laughed (at other people yelling at the dog), and fantasized about all sorts of delightful torture to inflict upon this dog.

I first realized how bad the howling was when I was pregnant with Grace (four years ago). I was suddenly put on bedrest and forced to spend all day, every day at home. I listened to that dog howl all day while it's owners were at work. I will refrain from telling stories about certain friends and family members (who will remain nameless) who have visited me over the years and how they reacted to that dog.

When I was nursing Grace, up every couple of hours during the night, praying for her to stay asleep long enough for me to sleep, I can remember listening to that dog and praying for God to have mercy and shut him up. I even bought expensive dog bones and threw them over the fence in the middle of the night so that dog would have something to do besides howl.

This morning, as usual, that dog started howling when it's owners put him outside at 7:00 this morning. After 30 minutes of incessant howling (I'm serious), I heard my next door neighbor start yelling at that dog to shut up. I won't repeat everything he said because this is a (mostly) G-rated blog. Of course, within a few minutes that dog was back to howling. Even though my alarm wasn't set to go off until 8:00, I was wide awake, so I got up and started getting ready. I peeked out my second story bedroom window just in time to look down and see my other neighbor, an elderly woman in her bathrobe, open her back door. She walked over to the fence and yelled, "This is your five-minute warning! I have a gun and I know how to use it!" (I never figured out if she was threatening the dog or it's owners). She trudged back to her door and went inside, slamming it shut. I gazed back to the accused's home and saw their back door quietly open just long enough to let that dog back in the house.

I must admit that I sadistically wished I could have witnessed that old lady taking a shot at that dog. Perhaps another day.......


Mimi said...

"That dog" has taxed my spirituality several times over the last 4 years. I had already told your Daddy how happy I am that you'll be moving from "that dog!"

Julie said...

we're also plagued with barking dogs. Last week, hubby wrote a 2 page letter to the owners (b.c he's been to their door 3 times to talk with them, but they won't/don't answer) and asked that they quiet their dog. Believe it or not, the barking has subsided.