Sunday, October 26, 2008

Open House

This afternoon was our open house. We left to spend time with friends, so we have no idea how many people came and looked. The realtor was supposed to be here at 2:30, but she had not shown up by the time we left at 2:50. I prepared fresh coffee and left a platter of homemade cookies on the kitchen island. All the hard work I've put in over the past couple of weeks cleaning and organizing really shows. It almost makes me not want to move! Almost.

When we got home after 5:00, we saw that the realtor left some papers for us on the counter, so we know she was here. However, the coffeepot was still full and the cookies looked untouched. Not a good sign.

Oh, well. It just takes one person to buy a house, right? It seems that God is always trying to teach me about patience. Maybe one day I'll learn!

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