Friday, September 5, 2008

Why I Like Sarah Palin for VP

Some of my friends have been surprised that I like Sarah Palin for VP. I guess because I am such a proponent of women being at home with their children, they feel that this translates to being wary of a female with such a powerful and time-consuming job. Especially when that woman has five kids including a special needs newborn. Is it really appropriate for a woman to be involved in such serious matters and be the master and leader of so many men? I'll admit that all of these questions crossed my mind, and so I went to the scriptures to find my answers.

Consider Deborah, a prophetess in the book of Judges (Ch. 4-5). She had a family of her own, and yet she was chosen by God to be an important and very influential judge over the nation of Israel. In her role as judge, she had the power to make important decisions (including matters of war) that were followed by all the people. She had the power to summon Israelite commanders and tell them how to fight their enemies. God blessed the endeavors of the Israelite army under the guidance of Deborah. The Israelite commander even requested that she accompany him into war, and she went. She was a godly woman who obeyed God's commands. As a result, there was peace in the land for 40 years (see Judges 5:31).

Consider Queen Esther in the Old Testament. She used her influence and power as queen to do good for God's people. God placed her in that position and blessed her work to ultimately save the Jewish people (see Esther Ch. 8).

Consider the Proverbs 31 lady. This remarkable woman is praised for her ability to engage in commerce, buy real estate and reinvest her earnings, sew garments and sell them, and still attend the business of her household. She works far into the night and rises early. Her husband and children bless her. She clearly works both inside the home and outside the home in the business world.

I'm sure there are other examples to study in the Bible, but these three women came first to my mind.

I firmly believe that woman's highest calling is to attend to her husband and children. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who loves making a restful home for her family. (Quick book plug: "Heaven At Home" by Ginger Plowman). However, I also believe that God gives certain gifts to certain women. He chooses to use them in powerful ways outside their family home.

Perhaps Sarah Palin is one of these women. While we are all still just getting to know her, she seems to have the values that I like to see in a person with political power. Only God knows her heart, but I am encouraged by her beliefs and political platform. She is adamantly pro-life and values human life. She did not even consider abortion after she found out the child she was carrying in her womb would be born with Down's Syndrome. She is not afraid to confront political corruption and wasteful governmental spending. She understands how important it is to support our military and fight terrorism and evil in the world. She wants to lower taxes and give families more choices about education for their children. She does not support sex education in the schools, as she feels it is the parents' responsibility to teach their children and communicate values about sexual matters. She has been married to the same man for more than two decades and still expresses her love for him in public. She is adamant about spending time with her family and does not allow the demands of her job to interfere with the important needs of her family.

As you have undoubtedly heard in the media, her family is not without problems. Her 17-yr-old daughter is 5 months pregnant out of wedlock. Sometimes despite training our children in the Lord, our children choose to go down a destructive, sinful path. I have seen this happen with many children who have been brought up in faithful homes. Perhaps Sarah and Todd Palin made mistakes with their older children that have resulted in rebellious and irresponsible behavior. Only God knows. What I am encouraged about is that her daughter is choosing to treasure the life that was created in her womb. And, by all appearances, Sarah and Todd Palin are showing unconditional love to their daughter.

I'll admit that while we were watching her acceptance speech, we all cheered and laughed like we were watching Auburn beat Alabama. It was refreshing and entertaining to see a "pitbull with lipstick" take on Washington, D.C. I am praying that God will grant her the strength and energy to be a faithful wife, mother, and political leader.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Joanna. Suzanne Midgette James sent me a link to your blog, and I thoroughly agree with what you wrote about S. Palin. The same examples of Deborah and Esther came to my mind when she was chosen for VP. Where we live there are a number of people who hold to a narrow view of women and their roles. They are quick to condemn any woman who has a unique role in society. I think Abigail is another example from scripture we need to consider. She is commended for her initiative, but her actions are still a bit puzzling to me. I dare not argue with the Word of God if it commends her! I'll check your blog occasionally. I like to keep up with people. ~ Much love, Becky Seevers

Joanna J. said...

Thank you, Mrs. Becky, for your comment! Abigail is another good example of God using a brave and intelligent woman to accomplish great things. Hope your family is doing's great to hear from you!
Love, Joanna