Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Job Opportunity

I write this post with much joy for my husband Todd. A couple of years ago, he decided to slightly alter his career path. After being a band director for almost ten years, he decided to pursue a certification for educational administration. Because he already had a master's degree in music education, the certification process was relatively simple. He took four semesters of administration classes and did his principal internship last spring while teaching. He took and passed the certification test this summer and finally received his official certificate about four weeks ago!

Most school districts decide on their new hires by June, so Todd has had a difficult time finding openings at this late date. However, an opening came up in a school district about 40 minutes away. He interviewed last Friday, and found out soon that they had trimmed down the pool to their top two picks, and Todd was one of them!

This morning, he interviewed with the superintendent, the assistant superintendent, and the principal of the high school. Within two hours of this interview, they phoned to tell him they had chosen him for the job! He will be the assistant principal on the 9th Grade Campus of the high school. This is just the job he needs to get his foot in the door. We're hoping it will lead to even better things. In the meantime, though, we are very excited about the opportunity!

A job switch at this time of the year will not be easy, though. While his current district is willing to let him break his contract and accept the new position with another district, they will not let him leave until his current position has been filled with a new hire. Thankfully, his new district is very understanding in the matter. They will introduce him to the community at Thursday night's school board meeting. Hopefully, a new hire can be made quickly so that Todd can be released to his new job!

We are also considering moving closer to his new district. Unfortunately, it is west, farther away from our families in Louisiana and Tennessee, but it's all interstate and will only add about 40 minutes to our driving time when we travel east.

Todd is so excited and we are so thankful to start a new career path!

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Mrs. Sprinkles said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm so thrilled to hear about this. We'll pray that the transition happens quickly.