Friday, September 12, 2008

School Board Meeting

Tonight Todd and I went to the school board meeting for his new district. The school board reviewed his credentials and voted on his employment tonight. He was approved unanimously and welcomed to the district as an assistant principal!

We were so impressed with everything we saw tonight. So many people came up and introducted themselves to us, genuinely interested in who we were. School board members, the superindendent, administrators, teachers.....everyone was so down-to-earth and easy to talk with. This is the job that Todd has been dreaming of. He is SO EXCITED about this new opportunity. He is SO READY for this change.

Through our conversations with people, they found out that I am a former elementary school counselor and Section 504 specialist. I actually got a job offer tonight. One of the friendly principals I was visiting with told me that her current counselor was retiring in December. She asked me to seriously consider coming to work for her this spring. Her elementary school is just down the street from Todd's new campus. While we have not considered me going back to work this early, I truly appreciated the vote of confidence!

Another encouragement was a statement made by Todd's new principal and superintendent. They expect every new assistant principal to have aspirations to become a principal. They train their A.P.'s to one day take over the responsibility of running a school. This is such a positive and supportive philosophy to promote as a district. It supported our feeling that this job is a stepping stone to even better things in the future.

Several people also told us about homes that were for sale in the area. They encouraged us to move to town! As we were driving around before the meeting, we were pleasantly surprised at how neat and quaint the town was. Even the older neighborhoods were well groomed and maintained.

All in all, it was a perfect evening. God has been so good to give us this change. The work of His hand is so apparent in every aspect of these new opportunities.

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zusjames said...

So very exciting to hear about the job! And the offer! Can't wait to hear your garage sale made you TONS of money and that your home sells. We also downsized when we moved to MO and it has been so nice to live more practically. With organized closets/cabinets I can handle any size home!