Thursday, September 25, 2008

Real Estate News

Well, I just finished meeting with the real estate agent. I like her a lot, and she was encouraging. She thinks my house will sell. Despite the fact that there is an explosion of new houses being built around us, statistically houses are re-selling in my neighborhood.....fourteen in the past few months. She complimented me for keeping the house in good repair and decorated nicely.

The bad news is that due to the current market, we can't list it for as much as we had hoped. However, I should be thankful that we will come out ahead, hopefully with enough for a down payment on a new home. She is coming back on Friday for us to sign the papers, and the house will be listed by Monday morning. She seems very aggressive and she has the top sales record for her office. We will schedule open houses and show the house as much as possible.

We're praying that it will sell before the end of the year. And, since this is the first time for us to sell a home, we're praying that things will go smoothly and not be too stressful.

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