Thursday, September 25, 2008

Todd's New Job

A couple of weeks ago, I shared that my husband Todd got a new job. Tomorrow is his last official day at his old school district, and he will begin his journey as a school administrator in a new district next Monday. After school today, we drove to his new job and moved some things into his new office. It is very nice....furnished simply but with quality furniture and bookshelves. It will be fun to help him decorate (in a manly way, of course....he said NO to curtains) and make the office his own. He also got the keys to his new school. Grace enjoyed running down the long hallways and meeting the custodians while Todd and I unloaded books.

He is immensely thankful for his decade of teaching experience in the realm of music education. I know that a part of him will miss the excitement of halftime shows, drumline competitions, and band trips to Disneyworld. I also know that he will miss the positive interactions with students as he has helped them develop a love for music. He realizes that most of his interactions with students as an assitant principal will be negative discipline issues. However, he's looking forward to the opportunity to impact the campus on a broader level, not just in the area of music. I'm sure that in the future, he will teach an occasional band camp or maybe even private lessons. He'll probably still write drum books for local school districts. And, he'll continue to play in the orchestra at our church.

He was so excited tonight as he walked the hallways of his new school, pointing things out to me and trying to memorize the names of the sweet Hispanic ladies that were cleaning the classrooms. Grace enjoyed dancing to the Mexican mariachi music that they had blasting from a boombox.

God has been good to give him this opportunity for a fresh change.

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