Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Todd's 1st Day at New Job

Todd had a good first day at his new job as asst. principal. He spent time coordinating his new calendar with the other administrators and learning the lay of the land. He participated in interviews with students concerning discipline issues. One student was arrested for possession of marajuana on school grounds, and another student was interviewed for possible gang activity. There is a full-time police officer on campus that assists them when issues like this come up. Thankfully, his new co-workers agreed that days like yesterday were not the norm....usually, they are dealing with "normal" discipline issues like disrespect, not following school rules, etc.

When he was organizing his calendar with the school principal, he found out that there will be a minimal of after-school activities that he will be required to supervise. There are just three more Thursday night home football games and one Friday night homecoming game. Compared to his band director schedule, this is a breeze! It'll be especially nice to have him to ourselves on Saturdays from now on!

Update on Grace: We have come to the conclusion that she was experiencing food poisoning or an allergic reaction to red jello that she ate for lunch on Sunday at our church. She never had a fever, and after a few horrendous hours she didn't throw up again. Needless to say, I am eliminating red food coloring from her diet (jello, koolaid, etc.) just in case.

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Audra said...

Hey Joanna. I have a cousin (she's now grown, and I am OLD) that did the same thing as Grace every time she ate something red. Koolaid and Jello were 2 of the worst. We put 2 and 2 together after several really bad nights. To this day, she still stays away from anything red and keeps her daughter away from it as well.