Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ogle School of Hair

I haven't had a haircut in several months, so I was recently thinking that I needed to schedule a beauty appointment. However, I didn't really want to spend the usual $30-50 for a shampoo,cut, and style in one of the local salons. I suddenly remembered someone telling me about the Ogle School of Hair in Ft. Worth. It's a beauty school just down the road that offers salon services to the public for a very inexpensive price. If you can deal with the fact you are being "practiced" on, great deals can be had by all.

I called Ogle and discovered that they offered a shampoo, cut, and style for $8.25. Amazing, huh? I made back-to-back appointments for mom and myself this morning. What a great experience! Their campus is ultra-clean and modern. There are TONS of students and supervisors walking around, and customers are coming in and out constantly. They had about 50 working stations for cutting hair. If a customer wasn't being serviced, then a student was practicing on a dummy with real hair.

When we first walked in the salon, we noticed a woman with a haircut exactly like I wanted. Would you believe that out of the 100 students we saw, SHE was the one we had booked an appointment with? We were so excited, and she turned out to be very sweet. If anyone is in the Ft. Worth area, her name is Sherry and she has a blond bob. What a great job she did! Today was her first day to do a haircut like we requested, so she was very slow and careful. She called her supervisor over several times to make sure she was doing things correctly. Both of our hair turned out great! Actually, this is my favorite haircut that I have ever had. And all for $8.25!

So, here's a great tip....if you are cheap like me, look in the phone book for local beauty schools and call to see if they take public customers. Even if you get a "fresh" student, they are under constant supervision during your whole service. While I was there, I also found out they do spa manicures for $5.00 and spa pedicures for $10.00. What a deal!

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Mrs. Sprinkles said...

Great idea! I haven't had a haircut since January, and it's time...

Post some pics of the new 'do!