Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Designed to Sell

Mom and I have been working hard to get our house ready to put on the market. I knew those hours of watching "Designed To Sell" on HGTV would come in handy! Mom worked the carpet cleaner the other day, and my carpets now look very nice. We've been cleaning out all of my drawers and closets. Many things have been thrown away, donated, or given away to friends. When the time comes to pack the house, it should be much easier now!

Today we are painting the laundry room. A few years ago I had the harebrained idea to paint it a bright turquoise. I wanted something bright and cheery.....I figured if I was the one doing laundry, I could pick the color! Now we are painting it a more neutral khaki color....very much improved.

The house still needs to be staged. I need to take down most of the family portraits and clean up the fridge. I need to move our leather chair upstairs into the master bedroom and create a "reading nook" with the extra space in our room. Moving the chair out of our small family room will also give the appearance of more space. All the baseboards need a good scrubbing and paint touch-up. I need to reduce the amount of toys that are downstairs. I need to organize the gameroom/office area upstairs. And, I need to donate or sell some of Grace's older toys.

My goal is to call a realtor by the end of the week and start the process.

Oh, I forgot something.....we still haven't fixed our shower! I'll go to Home Depot to finalize what we need to do. See this post for our shower story.

I'll let you know how we progress!

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