Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Silver Stash

As I was cleaning out my china cabinet and closets, I came across a few pieces of silver including a tray, coasters, piggy bank, child's spoon, and napkin rings. I really want these pieces out of the house because Grace is highly allergic to silver. I was going to sell them at my garage sale, but mom reminded me that many pawn shops will buy gold and silver. I got on the internet and found a local shop. I called and they said today was a great day to sell silver because the price jumped $1.50/oz. today!

I'll admit I was a little nervous to go in the shop, but when I got there it was clean and nice. They gave Grace a lollipop and went to work making sure my pieces were authentic. Some of them turned out to be silver-plated, and they could not buy those. But, I walked out of that shop this afternoon with $220 and a $10 gas card as a free gift. I couldn't believe it! I would have sold all of those items for a few dollars at my yard sale. I'm so glad mom said something.

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Mrs. Sprinkles said...

Wow! Great deal!

Two months ago I took two pieces of gold jewelry to a pawnshop (I never wear gold, only silver). I came away with $55, which I was pretty pleased with.

Your post makes me want to look around the house for more things to take in!