Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Love Naptime!

I love naptime! Grace and Kie (the little boy I keep) are taking a nap, and I am putting my feet up for a few minutes to try to recover. I have a new-found respect for women who give birth to boys. I never realized how easy Grace is until I started keeping a little boy. The way he plays is exhausting: monster-hunting, super hero rescuing, play fighting, wrestling, car racing, fascination with bathroom activities, soccer, baseball, etc. Today I took them to the park so we could have "races." (I learned some of these tricks from my sister-in-law, Audra). They were both worn out by naptime!

I'm used to quietly sitting around a table and pretending to have a tea party. I'm used to dressing and undressing baby dolls. I'm used to lazily pushing Grace on the swing outside. I'm used to helping Grace bake cookies in the kitchen while listening to the Food Channel. We are being exposed to a whole new way to play!

I'm also amazed to keep a child that actually eats. He is always hungry and he always eats all the food on his plate without me telling him to eat. He even ate 2/3 of Grace's hot dog after he had finished his own for lunch today.

Grace and I are having a lot of fun, and she is constantly asking when Kie will be coming over to our house again? During naptime, Kie sleeps on a napmat on the floor in Grace's room....they do very well going to sleep in the same room. Anyway, last night at bedtime, I heard rustling on the baby monitor. I went upstairs and peeked in Grace's room. She had gotten Kie's napmat out of the closet and set up his bed on the floor. She put one of her baby dolls on the napmat and covered him with Kie's blanket. Then she told her doll, "Go to sleep Kie. No talking. It's bedtime."

She really does love having a playmate.


Mrs. Sprinkles said...

I hear ya! Brad has SO much energy--I have to take him to the park to "run him out" or he gets very wild by the end of the day.

Audra said...

I have one goal to accomplish each day...wear Vincent out enough so he will take a nap! By the time he's down, I'm ready for one too! I see all of your organization posts, and I'm like, how on earth can she do that? It's so funny to see the difference in boys and girls. Everything is a race or competition in our house. And since he doesn't have a sibbling, he literally competes against himself. Boys are fun, but they take a lot patience and energy!