Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Handyman

My husband is a man of MANY talents, but unfortunately he did not inherit the "fix it" gene. He will be one of the first to admit this. We have been putting off fixing the tile problem in our shower, but we had to stop procrastinating this weekend. The realtor is coming Monday morning to take pictures of our house for the advertising, and everything needs to be in working order.

Home Depot is an awesome place. They hold "handyman" classes to help people like us learn how to fix things ourselves. This morning, Todd got up early and went to a class on installing tile. He came home an expert. It took him about an hour to replace the broken tiles and re-grout everything. It looks good as new! I am SO PROUD of him. It would have cost a lot of money to hire someone to do it for us. While he was fixing the tile, I gave the master bathroom a fresh coat of paint. The end result is very nice.

I also weeded the flower bed this morning and sprayed Round-Up around the perimeter to keep the grass from growing in the bed. I inadvertently sat in an ant hill while I was weeding....lets just say I haven't danced a jig like today since I found a DVD of Barry Manilow's Copacabana on EBay.

Getting a house ready for sale is exhausting. I sure do appreciate my mom helping me while they were here the past few weeks. I hope all this work is worth it in the end!

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