Monday, September 15, 2008


A few weeks ago, a friend at my church asked me to consider keeping two of her children on a part-time basis. She has a 3-yr-old son and an 8-yr-old daughter. This is just the opportunity that Todd and I have been hoping for....a way for me to earn some extra money without leaving home. I will care for the 3-yr-old and pick up the 8-yr-old from school two days a week.

We are starting the arrangement tomorrow, and Grace is so excited for the prospect of a playmate! This afternoon I invited their family over to see our home and help the kids feel comfortable with me. Grace and the 3-yr-old had a blast together! She enthusiastically showed him all of her toys downstairs, then took him upstairs to show him her bedroom. She didn't want him to go home when they left, but was happy when I told her he would be back tomorrow.

God has been good to provide this opportunity for additional income. The added bonus is that Grace will have a sweet playmate a couple of days a week.

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