Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Texas Toast

My family lives in the D/FW metro area of Texas. Words cannot describe how hot is has been lately! Our poor grass is showing signs of heat exhaustion, but we can't bring ourselves to water with our sprinkler system more than twice a week! I've kept the thermostat on a constant 78 degrees, as well as keeping all the blinds and curtains drawn and the fans on. If the electricity bill wasn't an issue, we'd keep it on 68! I'm so glad I married someone as hot-blooded as me. We have never disagreed on the temperature....we're both always hot. We don't even turn on the heat in the winter, and Texas can get pretty cold! Thankfully, our daughter seems to have the same temperature preferences.

My husband is a band director and started band camp outside this past week. Temperatures reached almost 110 degrees with heat indexes above that! Thankfully, a tropical storm that hit the coast of Texas is moving our way with the promise of highs in "only" the 90's. We might even get a little rain!

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Mrs. Sprinkles said...

You know, after a month of leaving the temps at 78, our bill was only $3 lower!!! Frustrating.