Thursday, August 7, 2008

Imaginary Friend

My daughter Grace has started talking to an imaginary friend named "Donald." I can only assume she learned this name from our friend Donald Duck. She spoke with him all the way home from church last night, and she often pretends to talk to him on the phone. This morning when she asked for juice, she asked that I give "Donald" some juice as well. I pretended to pour another cup and hand it to her "friend."

While some people would be concerned about this, I recognize it as being developmentally appropriate for her age. The only time I would worry is if her "friend" started interfering in her social interactions. In my training as a counselor, I learned that children without siblings often create fantasy friends for companionship. This could be part of the issue for Grace. I make a conscious effort to give her as many social interactions as possible through weekly play dates, church nursery, and outings in public play areas.

In the meantime, though, I will welcome "Donald" as part of the family.

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zusjames said...

Such fun! Ian had an imaginary friend until recently. His name was "Little Fella" and one day we learned that he looks like the Geico lizard.

Then Bobby started to pretend, around age three, with Little Fella and Ian and now when they see a Geico commercial or billboard it's their old friend.

I love kids' imaginary friends!