Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympic Gymnastics

We thoroughly enjoyed watching the Olympic gymnastics this year. Grace loved it, too. In case you are wondering, no, I didn't let her stay up until midnight.....we used our trusty DVR. (What an invention!). Her favorite was the floor exercise. She would squeal and shout "Whoa!" everytime they flipped in the air. is my ANYONE going to say anything about the obviously under-age Chinese female gymnasts? I mean, really, one of the girls still had her baby teeth! There is NO WAY they were all 16 years old. The New York Times recently ran a story that reveals China's most famous gymnast, He Kexin, is only 14 according to Chinese news media and other sources. Click here to read the entire story. But, of course, all of their Chinese passports list them as 16.

Is the Olympic Committee hesitant to conduct a thorough investigation for fear of offending the host country? If so, I am disappointed in the integrity of Olympic personnel.

If these Chinese gymnasts truly are 16, then I applaud their outstanding abilities and admit that they deserve the team gold. If the Chinese government has doctored the passports to deceive the Olympic Committee about their true ages, then I hope that the Lord will convict their hearts to admit the truth.

Congratulations to Nastia Luikin and Shawn Johnson for representing USA so well in the individual finals! What an exciting competition! Nastia's beauty and grace was exquisite, and Shawn's raw athleticm was incredible!

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