Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dentist Appointment

Grace had a dentist appointment today. She was very excited this morning because she remembered how fun it was the last time she had an appointment. Much to my relief, she was very cooperative with the dentist and assistant while they took x-rays, cleaned, and counted her teeth. She had no cavities and no plaque! However, the dentist told us to start saving now for braces because of her severe overbite. (Interestingly, the dentist told me it was a genetic overbite, not aggravated by her occasional thumb-sucking). The only behavioral problem we encountered was when it was time to go.....she said, "No, mama. I want to stay here!" She protested when I made her get out of the dentist chair, but was consoled when she got to pick out a prize.

Interesting sidenote: When offered a choice in new toothbrush, she picked "Tigger and Pooh" instead of "Disney Princess." When offered a choice in toothpaste, she picked "Cars" instead of "Ariel." When playing with the toys, she played with Thomas the Train instead of the baby dolls. When given various options for the type of balloon she wanted (including a flower, cat, princess crown, etc.), she specifically asked for a "snake" balloon.

My little princess.

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