Friday, August 8, 2008

Cost of Freedom

My little brother Jon left this week for his 8-month assignment in Iraq. This has really brought home to me the sacrifice that so many of our men and women make every single day to protect our freedom. My brother leaves behind his young wife and daughters. He will not experience his newborn's first Christmas or 1st birthday. He will miss so many of the special milestones of both of his girls. He will miss the companionship and support of his wife. As a physician, he will potentially witness first-hand the horrors of war and violence.

Oh, may we not take for granted the sacrifices that our military are making each and every day. May we continually lift them and their families up in prayer. May we pray for our military leaders and commanders, that they will have wisdom and vigilance in their duties. May we pray for our soldiers and other personnel that they will be comforted and protected while away from their loved ones. May we pray that our enemies' plans will not come to fruition. May we pray for peace among the nations. And, may we thank the Lord for nations like the USA that make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedom of people around the world.

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