Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Natural Remedy

Several weeks ago, I wrote a post about Grace’s eczema.  In desperation, after lots of doctor’s appointments and prescription medications, I went on the internet and researched some natural treatments.

I bought Vitamin E oil and coconut oil, and I have been faithfully applying them to her skin at least once per day.  We’re still working on a couple of small spots behind her knees, but what amazing improvement!  Her skin is smooth and supple, not like sandpaper any more.  Much better than with any of those prescription creams.  And a WHOLE lot cheaper. 

I’m not sure why doctors are hesitant to discuss possible natural remedies with patients.  As much as I love Grace’s pediatrician, she never once suggested alternative treatments, even after repeated failures with each new prescription.  I made a decision a few weeks ago to suspend the oral allergy medication as well as the topical creams.  I’ve seen no adverse effects, and she’s only gotten better. 

It makes me want to do more research about natural remedies!

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Anonymous said...

i'm glad to know this! my boys just get small patches, but they are uncomfortable, i know!

i feel the same way about natural remedies and my dr...i do really, really like her and the office staff, but why the hesitation to explore a non-prescription option? (kick backs are one reason, i'm sure, but still...i think it's probably difficult to find an MD that is willing to explore many natural options)

deanna said...


Did you know that I have dealt with severe eczema with my daughter Faith all her life - to the point of dispairing of her life twice?(long story). We have gone completely alternative now, and she is living a fairly normal life, considering she is noncompliant with her treatment (teenagers, sigh!). I would encourage you to be giving Grace some essential fatty acids orally as well as the topical treatments, because often what you see on the skin is also happening in the small intestine. Essential Fatty acids (fish oil, borage, evening primrose, flax seed, and coconut oil are a few) help lubricate from within, build immune system, fight allergies and feed the brain. You can get them in the form of gummy bears and she will probably need twice the recommended dose for her age. I wish I could answer your question about doctors with something besides "follow the money", but I am somewhat of a cynic. They are not all out for the buck, but they have been taught in schools that are primarily funded by pharmaceutical companies, so their training is somewhat slanted.

Joanna J. said...

Someone else told me about oral essential fatty acids as well, so I am definitely looking into this. I'm glad to know they come in the form of gummy bears. I had visions (nightmares) of putting oil droplets under her tongue! I'm assuming the best place to look for a product like this is at a health food store?

As you well know, dealing with eczema is extremely frustrating. Since her skin has gotten better, I notice positive changes in all areas...appetite, sleep, behavior, etc. I'm praying this continues to work.

Audra said...

Joanna, I hope you don't mind me sending this to my other sis, Tara. Both of her kids have extreme cases of Eczema and she is always telling me the crazy prices she pays for Rx's. Hopefully she'll be able to get some relief by using some of your strategies.


DDK23 said...

Hey thanks! I am trying to help my little one with this. The creams help it from getting worse, but it still hasn't gone away. I also get problems behind my ear and will try this. I am also going to look into the fatty acid thing.

Wanda said...

My middle child, who's almost 16 now...has had to deal with this her whole life.
She has severe allergies. Right now..she's having a flare up and is on Prednisone because her hands are so bad.
This is a road we have travelled for a long time. We have used everything known to man...over the counter, Rx, natural, and crisco. All of which have worked at one time or another.
It really depends much on the season, environment and what she is eating.
We have to be so careful.
Thanks for the tip. We have used this before...and it can help.
It's not a cure....but a great help.

Ruth said...

All my kids have had eczema, but my 4 mo. baby has had it far worse than all the rest. She itched uncontrollably, her head was oozing and peeling and she scratched till she bled. After praying and engaging in "mom as detective" research and observation I have found that she is allergic to corn! Corn derivatives are in everything, even creams, Benadryl, prescription meds, etc. After eliminating the obvious, I found that even traces would cause a reaction. I would advise all moms out there dealing with eczema to suspect allergy. If you think it might be corn, check out www.cornallergens.com/list/corn-allergen-list.php