Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Milestones


Instead of posting my normal Menu Plan Monday, I’m going to do things differently for a while.  Because of my new eating plan, meals are looking a lot different around here lately.  Nobody’s complaining, though.  Todd is thrilled to get more slabs of meat and less casseroles.  Grace never complains and usually eats whatever I give her.  And I’m enjoying my pre-packaged entrees and shakes.

When I wake up in the morning, I fix Grace a bowl of cereal with fruit and I drink a Double Chocolate Mocha shake.  Todd gets up super-early and cooks himself some bacon.  (Because everyone knows that bacon + Mountain Dew = the breakfast of champions!).

Around 10:00 I eat a piece of fruit or a diet bar.  At noon, I fix Grace’s lunch…it’s different every day.  Her favorites are deli meat, peanut butter, carrot sticks, and fruit.  I fix myself a program entree and eat a piece of fruit.  When Grace gets up from her nap, we eat a small snack.  I fix a Vanilla Malt shake and Grace gets some crackers and juice. 

Around 5:00, I start cooking dinner.  For Grace and Todd, I prepare a cut of meat (beef, chicken, pork chop, etc.).  I also prepare two different fresh vegetables and stick some rolls in the oven.  When we eat supper together, Todd and Grace eat the meat/veggies/rolls, and I eat another program entree along with the veggies.

After Grace goes to bed, I fix myself a fruit smoothie.  My favorite lately is a mango, papaya, and strawberry mixture.  One thing I love about this eating plan is that I eat several small meals throughout the day, so I don’t go long periods of time being hungry.  And, I’m still able to get creative with my shakes/smoothies and veggie preparation. 

This week I also exercised four days.  So, for my milestone this Monday, I lost 2.5 pounds….bringing my total to 6 pounds in two weeks.  I’m satisfied with that.


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Anonymous said...

I am so very proud of you! Keep it up and if you ever get discouraged or need a new challenge, call me! It is well worth the steady rate as opposed to a fix it quick. You will feel so much better and be so happy with your results, by the way, this is joy, I just have to post as anonymous, I don't know why.

Mimi said...

I too am proud of you. I look forward to seeing how your blood pressure gradually comes down. As you know I'm still struggling with my diet. Well, not struggling actually--I'm enjoying it immensely. I'm just not seeing results yet.