Tuesday, February 3, 2009


vaccine Grace had her 4-yr-old check-up today.  Those of you who have had 4-yr-olds and followed the recommended vaccination schedule might remember this particular check-up.  It. was. horrible.  When the unsmiling nurse busted in the room with four huge syringes, I knew we were in for it.  The nurse showed me how to hold Grace down on the table while she trapped Grace’s legs and administered the four shots.  Slowly.  Very, very slowly.

C’mon, lady.  Don’t they teach you to stick ‘em fast and get it over with?  I was not impressed.  I was also annoyed that she ignored my request to forgo the Band-Aids unless Grace was about to hemorrhage.  Because in Grace’s book, the only thing worse than four huge shots is…four huge Band-Aids.

When the nurse left the room, I had to deal with a hysterical Grace begging me to “Take off the Band-Aids!  Please!”  And when I did, there was absolutely no blood.  Grrr.

But, although it was a traumatic check-up, how thankful I am that she is healthy.  Her 32 pounds and 39 inches puts her in the 30th percentile range for weight/height.  I was a bit surprised when the doctor predicted that based on her pattern of growth, her full-grown height would be between 5’3” and 5’4”.  Huh?  I’m 5’9” and Todd is 6’3”.  And, she is petite and small-boned.  If anyone knows Todd and me personally, neither of us could be described in that manner.  I guess you just never know what genes are going to come popping out from one’s family history!

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Audra said...

V's doctor told me at his last appointment, "Well, he's definitely not going to get your height". I thought, you should see my husband lady. Then told me he would be around 5'6" or 5'7". Weird, huh?