Friday, February 6, 2009

The View

113387_0111c I am not a regular watcher of The View.  Actually, I’ve only seen it a few times.  However, I HAD to write a post today about an outrageous clip from a recent episode.

The Setting:  They show a video clip of Ashley Judd condemning Sarah Palin for supporting the shooting of wolves in Alaska.  The purpose of aerial shooting of wolves in the winter is to help protect the caribou population, which is put at risk by the overpopulation of wolves.  The video is somewhat disturbing, because who enjoys watching animals get killed?  Since it is tragic and not pleasant to view, the liberal ladies are just dying to know how Elisabeth Hasselbeck (the vivacious conservative) will react to this video.  How can Elisabeth possibly defend this practice of murdering wolves? 

Elisabeth, my hero, in a BRILLIANT analogy points out that it is amazing that celebrities like Ashley Judd make such a huge public outcry against practices that involve cruelty to animals, but are perfectly content to allow hundreds of thousands of babies to be murdered through the violent and inhumane act of abortion.  Of course, Elisabeth is attacked viciously by Whoopi and Joy for being off-topic and taking a ridiculous leap of logic.

What, may I ask, is so ridiculous about Elisabeth’s logic?  It’s perfectly sensible to me.  Aren’t human lives more valuable than animal lives….even to “lefties”?  With all the “freedom of choice” that the left loves to talk about, isn’t it just a bit hypocritical to lambast women who make the “choice” to disagree with them?

You can view the video clip here.


Audra said...

Can I just say I absolutely "h" word this show? It is disgusting to me to think that these so called "celebrities" are experts on every topic that comes to issue each day. I mean, since when did dropping out of high school, having babies out of wedlock, and getting lucky in hollywood make you a master of the major political issues going on in our country. It is called the View, but if you watch a 20 second bit of the show, it is obvious that there are 4 views against another. I have written Elizabeth several times and told her to get to Fox News where she belongs!!! Sorry, I just had to rant. Hope that's okay. You can totally delete and I'll understand.


Joanna J. said...

Amen, sister. I would love to see Hasselbeck on Fox News as well!