Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back On The Island


Tonight was another great episode!  This season has been pretty good about giving some answers instead of creating nothing but endless questions. 

We started with a curious scene of Jack in the jungle, rescuing Hurley and Kate.  (Isn’t that what he does best?)  I was flabbergasted with how this came about, so I was glad that the whole episode tracked the two days leading up to that point.

We go back to the spooky church with Mrs. Hawking, who explains that she can help them get back to the island.  She takes them to a secret Dharma room in the bowels of the church where we see a really cool pendulum.  Mrs. Hawking gives them a quick education on the history of the island and shows how Dharma scientists used mathematical formulas to predict a very small window of opportunity to get back to the island.  Desmond decides he wants nothing to do with this and goes back to Penny and his son.  (Good move, Desmond!)

Mrs. Hawking also tells Jack that he must give something of his dad’s to put in Locke’s coffin.  I’m not quite sure where this is going, but we did find out in the preview for next week that John comes back to life (surprise, surprise!).  Jack conveniently gets a pair of his dad’s shoes from his granddad and puts them on Locke’s body in the coffin. 

Ben, in a mysterious phone call, with even more mysterious injuries, asks Jack to pick up Locke’s body.  Jack brings the body to the airport and gets it on the plane to Guam (or, rather, the island).  I have a feeling we’ll see the guy again who gave Jack condolences in the airport.  The group of Losties who make it on the plane are:  Jack, Kate, Ben, Sayid, Hurley, and Sun.  Oh, and let’s not forget FRANK, the pilot!  I’m so glad he’s back…he was really cool. 

Let me interrupt this recap to ask the question that is foremost in my mind:

If Jack KNEW he was going back to the island, why oh why did he wear a SUIT AND TIE on the airplane??? 

Anyway, the plane starts experiencing turbulence and the next thing we know, Jack is in the jungle.  So, here are some questions I have after this episode:

  1. Why was Sayid escorted on the plane as if he was under arrest?
  2. How did Hurley get out of jail and find out about the flight?
  3. What did Kate do with Aaron?
  4. How did Ben get bloodied up?  (Did he fulfill an “old promise” by trying to kill Penny?)
  5. What happened between the turbulence and Jack waking up in the jungle?
  6. What “time” are Jack, Kate, and Hurley when Jin drives up in the Dharma van?
  7. Where are Sun, Ben, Sayid, and all the other people on the plane?

My favorite line of the evening was when Jack and Ben were on the plane.  A very nervous Jack sees Ben calmly reading a book.  Jack asks, “How can you read?”  Ben replies, “My mother taught me.” 

Next week’s episode looks incredible!  We will find out about Locke’s interaction with the Oceanic Six in L.A. and how he came to kill himself.   I can’t wait!


Serena said...

Maybe Jack was wearing the suit because on the original flight that's what he was wearing. Right? Or am I completely making that up? ;)

Why did Hurley have a guitar case?

Serena said...

One of my friends had a theory that Aaron is on the plane with his grandmother--in the back.

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

I saw your comment on Rocks in the dryer and had to come over b/c the Jack in the suit thing drove me nuts. I know the whole recreate thing...but still...

Heather J. said...

I followed your link from ROCKS IN MY DRYER and wanted to invite you to post your recap at the LOST Books Blog - we link up to lots of recaps each week.

All the 06's choice of clothing bugged me - I mean, they KNOW what they're getting into this time, don't you think they could dress for the occasion?!

Anne said...

Daniel is still wearing his tie. Kate brings one little bag. I would want to bring more stuff this time.

the lewisi female said...

I think my favorite quote from this episode was when Jack looks at Mrs. Hawkins (name check?) and points to Ben and says, "Is he telling the truth" or something like that and she says "probably not"... I probably botched it but you get the idea.... so funny!
Maybe Ben is bloodied b/c he has something to do with Kate no longer having Aaron (so sad by the way)