Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Monster is Back!

LOST I don’t know about you, but I have missed the monster!  To me, the monster is one of the top five mysteries of the island.  We learned a little bit more tonight like where it lives, and that it is meant to “protect” a station.  I thought it just killed people, but it can apparently also possess people and cause them to kill others.  So now we know how Danielle’s crew was killed…we’re still anxiously waiting to see how Ben gets a hold of her daughter, Alex.

Not surprisingly, Ben talked his way out of being killed by Sun.  I was actually shocked that Kate and Sayid took off.  Well, I understand Kate…she had Aaron with her, and that’s her priority now.  Sayid, however, always seems up for an adventure.  PLEASE send him back to the island with the others!

How sad that Charlotte died tonight.  I thought that maybe there would be some sort of twist where she and Dr. Daniel were related in some way (i.e. siblings), but apparently Dr. Daniel traveled back in time and warned her not to come back to the island.  So it seems he broke his own rule to NOT try to change the past.

And how shocking was it to see Jack’s (and Claire’s) father in the Orchid station?  So I guess he’s Jacob.  (Was I supposed to know that already?).  It seems that Locke is the only one that can save his friends.  And he’s willing to do it with the knowledge that he will die.  So the big mystery now is how will Locke die?  And why does Ben cart his body around Los Angeles?  That, to me, foreshadows some sort of Locke comeback.

The previews for next week look pretty good.  It seems that Kate and Hurley join back with the island-hunting crew.  And hopefully we’ll learn more history from Eloise.  Until then, here are a few questions I’m pondering:

  1. Who will be the next death-by-nosebleed victim?
  2. Where is Walt?
  3. If Sun is “supposed” to return to the island, does that mean her baby needs to return as well?
  4. What does everyone eat while traipsing through the jungle?
  5. Is Christian Shepherd REALLY Jacob?
  6. I’m still dying to know what Sawyer whispered to Kate in the helicopter before he jumped.

If anyone has any answers or predictions (or corrections) for me, please comment and let me know!


Anonymous said...

I think that Christian is Jacob. Since he was dead before getting (back?) to the island, and then has been seen alive afterwards, I assume that the same thing will happen with Locke.


margalit said...

Christian is Jacob. Or is there really a Jacob? I don't know but Christian is him.

My post is up here:

and I must say, this was one awesome episode!

~*Michelle*~ said...

I have a nosebleed, but wanted to give you a few of my takes, lol.

I put my crazy theories up at my blog too....but wanted to give you my opinion on a few of your questions.

I think that Sawyer whispered about his daughter and the money he left her to Kate, to make sure she knows about it. (remember a few seaons ago, he took that con money and set up an account when he found out about his daughter?)

Walt is living with his grandmother but I bet he comes back into the story line too. I wondered about what kind of tests they did on him too back when The Others took him. He def. is "special" so I am sure he will be back.

anyway.....can't wait for next week!