Friday, January 9, 2009

Eczema Treatment

vitamin e oil

My daughter has always had eczema.  At certain times of the year it is worse than other times.  It also gets worse when we head south to Louisiana (like we did this year for Christmas) because it seems to be triggered by her allergies.  Winter is also a big challenge.  We have wasted money on tried countless creams, lotions, and treatments…both over-the-counter and prescription.  Some things help a little, most things don’t.  Right now, her arms and legs literally feel like sandpaper.  Even her face has large, red splotches of peeling skin.

I recently heard testimony from a friend that essential oils can help in most cases.  I did some additional research online and decided that I would buy both Vitamin E oil and Coconut oil.  Yesterday, I spent a while going to several stores.  I never found Coconut oil, but I did buy some pure, organic Vitamin E oil.  (I should have gone to the health food store and looked, but Grace was getting tired of going everywhere, and she was already miserable from the itching).

We went home and I applied the Vitamin E oil with a cotton ball to the eczema patches on her face, arms, hands, legs, and feet.  She immediately stopped itching.  Actually, she kept coming back and asking for more.  I think it was soothing on her skin.  I re-applied at bedtime and again this morning. 

Today is the first day that she has woken up in the morning and her skin has actually looked better than it did when she went to bed.  She has not been scratching this morning at all.  I went online and bought a jar of coconut oil on EBay, so I’ll start using that as well in a few days when it arrives.

Here’s hoping things continue to get better.   

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Anonymous said...

OHH I do feel for Grace and her Eczema. I used to have terrible outbreaks many years ago. Stress and allergies along with getting hot and sweaty really fired mine up.

Some creams worked for awhile and then quit working.

I started looking in Herbal books and tried slippery elm powder. I mix it into a paste using different things. Sometimes olive oil, or lemon juice. I should try it with Vit E Oil.

It is the only thing I have found that helps with the itching. If I don't have any I use Ice and Sarna( a non steroid lotion)

I wouldn't recommend Slippery elm for a child tho. It is a paste, but then it drys hard. Too drying for a childs skin.

I am glad you found something that works for Grace. I hope somehow she outgrows it, or at least gets less outbreaks as she gets older