Saturday, February 21, 2009

Daddy Time

Today was a fun day for Grace.  She got to spend all day with her daddy!  Todd has been working a lot more lately, so they didn’t get much quality time together this week. 

We mainly just hung around the house all day, but Todd did take her on a couple of errands this afternoon while I did some housecleaning.  Of course Grace likes just being with him, but she also loves that Daddy just can’t seem to resist giving her all kinds of treats and sweets. 

They came back from a trip to Walgreens with a Cadbury Creme Egg.  She had never had one before and it took all of about 10 seconds for her to gobble the whole thing up.  She was delighted that it looked like a real egg, and was actually a little hesitant to eat it at first because we are always telling her she can’t have eggs (she’s allergic). 

Anyway, she went to bed a happy girl.  Today was one of those days that I thank God that Todd isn’t a band director anymore.  We love that we get him on the weekends now!

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jennifer said...

I think it is funny that Todd has more "family time" as a principal than a band director :)..... Very true though!