Saturday, February 21, 2009

Computer Virus Scare

Tonight I was typing an e-mail to a friend when all of a sudden my computer started going crazy.  All these warnings came up saying “Trojan Virus.”  It said all my files were corrupted and I needed to press this button to make them all go away.

It scared me, so I called Todd to come downstairs and tell me if I should push the button to disable the virus.  I was promptly told NO DO NOT PUSH THE BUTTON.  He ran a virus scan only to discover that my Norton Security subscription had ended (I had been…ahem…ignoring THOSE warnings for several weeks now). 

Anyway, I went to renew my Norton subscription to find that it would cost $59.  Todd mentioned something about getting free anti-virus protection through our AT&T internet service.  So, I called customer service, and sure enough, we get McAfee Anti-Virus included in our account.  (I’m so glad I didn’t buy Norton again!)

It took about 30 minutes to un-install Norton and go to the website the customer service rep gave me to download McAfee.  After running a new virus scan, I discovered that, yes, my computer did catch a trojan virus, but thankfully it was easily removed.

And I’m so glad I didn’t press THAT VIRUS BUTTON which could have potentially ruined my computer!

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