Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Heart Target

target This morning Grace and Todd had a daddy/daughter morning while I ran a couple of errands.  (Translation:  Todd entertained and gave LOTS of candy to Grace). 

Anyway, I treated myself to a tall Pike’s Peak blend with 2 pumps of Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup from Starbucks.  Then I got my blood drawn for some routine lab work.  After that I went to grab a few groceries at my local Super Target. 

I have always loved Target, and I loved it even more today.  The store is always ultra-neat and clean.  I just don’t go there as often because Wal-Mart is cheaper on most items, and I’m always trying to find the best deals. 

But, I had already splurged on Starbucks, so I decided to go whole-hog and buy a few necessities at Target.  Since my grocery lists these days consist mostly of fresh fruits, veggies, and meats, I headed to the produce department. 

Several of their organic veggies were on sale for cheaper than their regular counterparts.  Score!  I also found a new product that I’ve never seen before:  mini sweet peppers.  It was a 1-lb. package of miniature red, yellow, and orange bell peppers.  So cute!  And it was on sale for only $1.99. 

Then I headed over to the meat department.  I happened to arrive at the exact time that the butcher was placing discounted stickers on all the meats that had to be sold by today for freshness purposes.  What a gold mine.  I got pork chops, chicken breasts, and ground beef for up to 75% off the packaged price, simply because I was buying on the date the freshness seal expired.  I even found a BEAUTIFUL London Broil cut (1.5 lbs.) for only $2.42.  I can’t eat it, but Todd will love a good steak!  Whatever I don’t cook today in advance for Todd’s suppers this week, I will stick in the freezer for later.

I did pay a few cents extra on things like frozen concentrate juice, Goldfish crackers, and canned veggies.  However, because of the great produce deals, I know I came out better than if I had gone to Wal-Mart.  And, I had a MUCH better shopping experience than normal.


Anonymous said...

loved the daddy time = candy comment!

and i heart target, too. i so wish we had super target here, but we don't! we are getting superwalmart in july, which i'm excited about for the savings, but i know it will be dirty and trashed soon after it opens.

Mimi said...

Glad you had an enjoyable "Joanna Time" while they had Daddy Time! Wish I could have gone with you!!