Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jin is Alive!


I loved that this episode of LOST was a little slower.  We got to see more character development, which is ultimately what makes this show so great. 

The Jack and Kate interaction was sweet, especially since Jack was clean-shaven and sober.  And I LOVED the scene in the jungle where Sawyer saw Kate deliver Claire’s baby.  Can someone get me a Kleenex?  I tell you, that is the most heart-wrenching love triangle in TV-land history.

Ben was his normal evil, conniving, brilliant self.  Man, I just love to hate that guy.  My favorite part was when he told Kate he sent the lawyers.  Jack was like, “Whaaa???”  It will be interesting to see how Ben convinces Sun that Jin is still alive next week.

Speaking of which, can you believe it??? I was TOTALLY shocked when Jin showed up on that raft.  I really thought he was a goner.  What a great reunion it would be for Jin/Sun! 

I did guess that we would see Rousseau when the French people showed up on the raft.  Especially when we saw her as pregnant.  I can’t wait to see how Ben manages to steal Alex away from her mom!

Even though this episode wasn’t quite as exciting, I liked the slower pace.  Who couldn’t fall in love with all these complex characters? 

One more thing…I believe that the scene we saw where the time-travelers found the strange boats on the beach was in the future.  Perhaps these are the boats that the Oceanic Six use to return to the island.  Of course, that doesn’t explain why they would follow and SHOOT at them.  Ahh…so much to think about.


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Congratulations, Joanna J!

Stop by Breathing Grace soon.

Crystal said...

No kidding! When is Jack gonna wake up and realize that Ben is only taking care of himself? He needs to channel that anger he had when he beat Ben to a pulp back on the island. That was the only time he wasn't totally naive.

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Sherry said...

How old is Ben when Rousseau and her crew come to the island? I need a timeline.

Joanna J. said...

Well, Sherry, from what we have seen so far, I would think that Ben and Rousseau are about the same age. However, with all the time traveling, one never knows what is "real".

oh amanda said...

thought the same thing about the boats. The people shooting at them were either THEMSELVES or The Oceanic would make sense b/c maybe the 06 gets in on that airline (the water bottle...)

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Pamela said...

hey, I found your site from rocks. great thoughts ... I love this show!!

Mimi said...

Well, we certainly have twists in LOST, don't we. And I totally agree with you about the love triangle. I honestly don't know who she should really truly love. I'm afraid that one of them must die to resolve this issue. AND, if they're going to bring people back, I'm all for bringing Hurley's girlfriend back! I love Hurley!