Friday, February 20, 2009

Shopping Trip

Today I found out that a very dear friend of mine is going to be a grandma for the first time!  She was so excited to share the news with me and was looking forward to buying a few things to send in a care package to her daughter, who is a few weeks along.

When I heard she was going to look at baby stuff, of course I asked if Grace and I could tag along!  Cause who doesn’t like to “ooh” and “aah” over teeny-tiny baby fashions? 

As we were looking at all the cute newborn clothing, I found myself reminiscing about Grace’s first year.  I can’t believe now that she was small enough to fit into preemie clothes!  All those nights of careful baths in the kitchen sink and fluffy towels with hoods, followed by Johnson’s baby lotion and clean footed pajamas…it seems so long ago, but it also seems like only yesterday.

I have thoroughly enjoyed each new phase of motherhood and the joys and challenges that it brings.  But just for today, I found myself wishing that Grace was that tiny little thing that I nursed and held in my arms all the time.  What a sweet joy she has been.


Audra said...

I had the same experience this week. One of my dear friends is making a shadow box of V's firsts...coming home outfit, announcement, pics, etc. Well, I couldn't just go grab those things. I had to dig through all of his baby clothes (not really, because I knew where they were but I went through all of them anyway). Then I had to go through his photos (again, not really but I went through every picture album) to find the perfect picture for his shadow box. Seriously, tears started streaming down my face before I knew what was happening. I started remembering all the late nights and groggy days. I also love V's stage he is in right now. So far, 3 is the best for me. But oh how I wish I could bring back that little baby sometimes and just rock him to sleep.

Love you.

Mimi said...

So, you've seen a glimpse of what I still feel after 34 years. Every time one of you is sick, hurting, sad, or even has a difficult decision to make, I am sick, hurting, sad, and wrestling in prayer for your wisdom. At times it seems my arms ache to hold you, Josh or Jon again as a little baby, or to play Candyland, Heigh-Ho Cheerio, or Life with you. And now I relive each memory through each one's child. Each grandchild reminds me so much of each of you. So, cherish each moment with your child and make it special because you will remember each one. What a blessing from our Lord to have such memories. I love you and miss you, Mom

the lewisi female said...

I bet I know the mom and the mom-to-be!

Misty Cee said...

aww! I love shopping for those cute newborn clothes! It really does make you ooh and ahh. Thanks for your cute blog post.