Sunday, November 23, 2008

Only In Fort Worth, Texas

A bull got loose in our neighborhood. Well, almost our neighborhood. Actually, it was right across the street in a big field. Anyway, three bored-looking police officers are stationed next to the bull to keep it from wandering through our neighborhood until the owner can put it back behind the fence.

We saw this spectacle as we drove home this afternoon. Our Open House was from 2-4, and during part of the time we took Grace to the playground. Todd played with her outside while I slept in the car. I'm still not 100%, but am feeling better thanks to a good night's sleep. Still no voice, but hopefully that will come back soon.

My sweet friend Joy brought over a big, delicious pot of chicken tortilla soup when she heard I was sick. Yummy! We've been eating on it most of the weekend. I'm so thankful to have a precious friend who helps me when I'm under the weather.

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