Saturday, November 8, 2008

Getting Ready.....Again

Today I've spent most of the day getting our home ready for another open house tomorrow. I found myself putting off many of my daily housecleaning duties this week because I knew I had to do it again anyway on Saturday so it would be "fresh." So, Todd took Grace to the playground and on a couple of errands while I scoured the bathrooms, floors, and carpets. I'll give the kitchen a thorough cleaning after I cook dinner tonight.

Tomorrow we are leaving straight from church to go to Texas A&M for a band concert. Todd's former percussion student is also the daughter of my sweet friend Joy. We've been wanting to go hear her perform for years, and we are finally doing it tomorrow. We're leaving straight from church, driving to A&M, attending the concert, eating dinner with friends of our friends, and driving home.

It remains to be seen how Grace will do riding six hours in a vehicle and sitting quietly through a band concert. We are bringing the miraculous invention that is called a portable DVD player with us in the car. Hopefully she'll sleep some, too.

The open house is from 2-4 and we are praying for some visitors this time!

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