Sunday, November 9, 2008

Road Trip

We had a lot of fun today on our roadtrip. We left straight from church and actually made it to Texas A&M in less than three hours. We didn't even get out of the car! Grace was good, too. I was a little nervous because our DVD player didn't work in the car. But, Grace entertained herself by singing all the Disney princess songs and playing with her kids meal toy from Burger King.

The band concert was wonderful and it was really neat to see Todd's former student performing with such a mature group. Grace enjoyed the music and was pretty quiet during the concert (thanks to a few timely Skittles).

Afterwards, we went to some friends of our friends who welcomed us into their lovely home and fed us dinner even though they had never met us! Our hostess had a closet full of toys/puzzles and a children's library to keep Grace occupied while we visited. Their home was very spacious with a fabulous chef's kitchen. I was particularly impressed with the custom countertops that were built higher than normal to accomodate tall people like me. She let me cut the veggies to go in the chicken salad, and I couldn't believe what a difference the countertop height was so comfortable! The dishwasher was also elevated off the ground to eliminate bending when loading/unloading.....brilliant.

The drive home wasn't as pleasant. Grace was exhausted from our long day and tired of being strapped in the car. Thankfully, the DVD player worked on the way home, and that helped a little. Overall, though, she did very well today.

I drink very few caffeinated beverages on a normal basis, but today I had SIX. I am literally shaking as I type. I had coffee during Sunday School, Diet Coke for lunch, a large Starbucks black coffee on the road (counts as 2), then a Diet Coke during dinner and another cup of coffee afterwards. Hopefully I'll sleep tonight.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot......there was a note from our realtor on our counter when we got home tonight. Two families came to the open house today. One family didn't like the floor plan. The other family really liked the house. Our realtor is going to follow up with them this week. Here's hoping!

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Anonymous said...

Grace was AMAZING! on our trip. I truly expected her to be tired and perhaps have some tough times, but she completely surprised me with the way she "rolled with the punches", even through a long car ride with no entertainment, a concert certainly not planned for children, being in strange place, new people, no nap... and on and on. She was a darling and kept us all smiling.