Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Year Memories

I was invited to do this by Making Home and Counting Sprinkles.

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The Elections of My Life

1976: Jimmy Carter
I REMEMBER: Nothing. I was too young.
I WAS: An infant and preschooler in North Carolina, Alabama, and Florida
DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I stayed home with my mom and welcomed my two younger brothers into the world.

1980: Ronald Reagan
I REMEMBER: Making fun of a kid in my kindergarten class named Ronald. We would tease him at recess and call him "Ronald Reagan!" (sad, I know)
I WAS: Age 5-8 living in Texas
DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I attended kindergarten (twice), skipped 1st grade, was bussed to an inner-city school for 2nd grade (racial integration), and moved back to my neighborhood school for 3rd grade.

1984: Ronald Reagan
I REMEMBER: My parents being horrified to find our next door neighbor posting Walter Mondale signs too close to our home so it would APPEAR that we were Mondale supporters.
I WAS: Age 9-12 living in Texas
DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I became a Christian and was baptized by my father.

1988: George H.W. Bush
I REMEMBER: Not being too excited about Quayle as a running mate, but I don't remember why.
I WAS: Age 13-16 living in Texas
DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I pursued piano and clarinet. I took lots of AP classes and prepared for college. I worked at a Christian bookstore.

1992: Bill Clinton
I REMEMBER: Being so frustrated that I couldn't vote when all my classmates were voting. (I was a year younger than everyone in my class).
I WAS: Age 17-20 living in Alabama
DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I went to college in Alabama, dated my future husband, and filled my life with lots of college activities.

1996: Bill Clinton
I REMEMBER: Being thrilled to vote for the first time. When Clinton won, I thought the moral compass of our nation had sank to rock-bottom.
I WAS: Age 21-24 living in Alabama and Texas
DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I graduated from college, got married, moved back to Texas, and worked as a band director in the same school district where I had graduated from high school.

2000: George W. Bush
I REMEMBER: Hanging Chads and being SO EXCITED that Bush won! I felt like the country was experiencing a new beginning.
I WAS: Age 25-28 living in Texas
DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I went back to graduate school and earned my counselor certification. I quit band directing and became an elementary school counselor. Todd and I desperately prayed for a child. We bought our first home.

2004: George W. Bush
I REMEMBER: Being amazed that some people thought Kerry was believable.
I WAS: Age 29-32 living in Texas
DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: We welcomed our daughter into the world. I quit work to become a stay-at-home mom.

2008: Barack Obama
I REMEMBER: Being extremely disappointed when Huckabee lost the nomination....being energized when Sarah Palin was named as running mate....realizing that John McCain was fighting an uphill battle.
I AM: Age 33 living in Texas
DURING THE NEXT FOUR YEARS: Grace will start school after another year at home with me. We have not decided yet whether I will homeschool or send her to public school. Hopefully we will sell our current home and move closer to Todd's new job. We will continue to pray for wisdom for our national leaders and safety for our soldiers and citizens.

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