Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fun Day

Today Grace and I spent some time with my sweet friend Joy. We ran a couple of errands together then ate lunch at McDonald's. Joy and I got to fellowship while Grace played on the playground.

Surprisingly, the playground area was empty except for another little girl about Grace's age. They got along really well and had fun playing together the whole time. When it came time for us to leave, the mom of Grace's new friend came over and gave me a coupon for a free apple dippers to show appreciation for how sweetly the girls played together.

It seems like just yesterday that Grace was small....she used to try so hard to climb up high on the playground like the big kids. I used to think she would never make it to the top! Now, she's all over the place, making friends, and having a blast.

I enjoy Grace more and more the older she gets. I loved the baby stages, too, but it is really special to see her growing and maturing. I love being able to talk WITH her, not just TO her. Her little personality is developing, her vocabulary is building, and she never ceases to crack me up! I see myself in her in so many ways, and she's got a healthy dose of Todd thrown in as well! What a miracle.

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Audra said...

I LOVE the 3's too!!! As much as I miss the baby stage, this is so much more fun.

Love you,